Try working outside in this. I work for an animal shelter, poor dogs would be outside just a few minutes before picking their paws up doing the chilly willy dance. Some of them were crying . Instead of the normal 3x 15 min walks they got 4x 5 minutes and each time we had to go rub their feet after to warm them up. By… » 1/06/14 11:18pm 1/06/14 11:18pm

?????? say what

Where the hell did you come up w/ this shit? I have lived in 3 states and FL is the only one you got.
TX yes to BBQ but brisket is the choice meat. You gave WY chicken fried steak but it's pretty safe to say anything fried comes from the south. My chicken fried steak is better than anything you could get there.
Now CO,… » 10/19/13 11:51pm 10/19/13 11:51pm